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Hitting 10% body fat – Getting back on track

In my last update about my ongoing quest to hit 10% body fat by the time I turn 30 it had all gone wrong. I’d started out well but had then taken ill and been bed bound for the best part of 4 days.

After that set back and once I was feeling better, I gave myself about another 4-5 days off to fully recover and then kicked off another 6 weeks of what I referred to as my “burn workout plan”.

Quick weights; core, chest, back, arms, shoulders followed by a 5km run Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, mixed with a heavy chest and back weights session on Tuesdays and an arm and legs session on Thursdays.

I’ve just finished that six weeks and things have gone pretty well. I started the six weeks with my body fat percentage at 22.1% and finished with a reading of 20.3% (using my new scales, after the old ones that gave lower readings stopped working).

My weight has gone from 98kg down to 94.1kg which I’m not so happy about (remember I’m not looking to loose weight, just fat) but it’s too bad.

But over the six week period both readings have fluctuated up and down a fair bit. I’m not sure why that’s been the case. The trend is still in the right direction but it’s not been a steady decline.

While the body fat percentage and weight readings are good, but not spectacular, the area I am blown away by is my running. When I first started running my 5km route at the beginning of August I was happy to finish in under 29 minutes. Over the past six weeks I’ve been able to bring my 5km time down to consistently under 26 and a half minutes and I’ve broken the 26 minute mark twice now to bring my PB to 25:57.

I had planned on doing sprint training instead of the 5km run on a Wednesday, but opted to stick with the distance running as I was enjoying it so much.

This week is now a rest week, I’m relaxing the diet to allow carbs and I’ll not be doing any proper exercise (I may do a couple of light 3km runs just to keep my legs going, but won’t be pushing it too much). Then next Monday I’ll start my next six week diet and exercise stint. This time I’ll be doing the sprint work on a Wednesday in the hope it will improve my distance time even further and also help in the fat burning stakes too.