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Hitting 10% body fat – Knocked off track

Things started so well last week, the first of my next six week training stint. I felt pretty good doing my first run in 8 weeks or so. I was happy with how hard I’d been able to push myself in my first chest and legs focused weights session, and I had just enough hurt the next day to know I’d done some good. I couldn’t complete the full first week due to being away for a long weekend (I got three days in) but with it being the first of six I didn’t feel too guilty and thought it best to ease into the new routine anyhow.

Then over the weekend I got knocked for six by either some form of food poisoning, or some sort of tummy bug. I was bed-bound for the best part of four days.

I basically didn’t eat anything for the first two days of the sickness, and then could only manage some toast and chicken soup once I was eating again.

I’m all back to normal now, but four days of sickness has taken it’s toll. I’ve lost the best part of 3kgs in weight and dropped 1% body fat, which you would think would be a good thing. But it’s not. My goal has never been to loose weight, and while my body fat percentage dropped, not eating is not a healthy way of achieving it or loosing the weight.

I’ve taken the rest of this week off to recover and make sure I’m back up to full strength before pushing the exercise too much. Next week I’ll pick up the routine again, though I may hold back a little to give myself some time to get back into the swing of things. I’d prefer to be working at 60% capacity for a week and be able to continue training as normal the week after rather than going all out next week only to knock myself out again for the following couple of weeks.

It’s a good thing I’m targeting next May as my deadline, the set backs are starting to add up!