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Should the tweets stay?

This new design has only been live a couple of days, but I’d be interested to hear what you think of my tweets appearing as posts? Originally I was thinking of this site being a stream of my online activity and a place for my to collect thoughts, links, photos, videos, etc. All including my tweets.

But now it’s live and I’m seeing how it works / looks, I’m having second thoughts about the tweets… maybe they should be pulled from the “everything” timeline and put into a page on their own (which they already are, see Just Tweets) where folk who are interested can find them and folk who already follow my twitter account don’t get bombarded both there and here?


(Oh, and either way I shall be tweaking the design of how the tweets are output on this site so they don’t appear with a truncated heading and the very same text appearing in the body of the post right underneath it)