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Replacement strap for Wahoo Blue HR

For a while now I’ve been strapping a Wahoo Blue HR bluetooth heart rate monitor to my chest each morning before going for a run.

It talks to Runkeeper on my iPhone while I’m running, tracking my current heart rate, average heart rate and current hear rate zone.

I’ve used it so often that about a week ago the elastic strap that allows you to wear the device around your chest started to come apart.

Not wanting to buy a new monitor I looked into getting a replacement strap. Unfortunately Wahoo don’t currently offer one in the UK. But their friendly customer support folks pointed me to two options from other manufacturers that are compatible, so I thought I’d share them here in case anyone else is looking for a replacement strap for their Blue HR.

They suggested either the Polar Chest Strap Soft Strap or the Garmin Replacement Soft Strap.

I went for the Polar version.

It’s designed slightly differently to the original Wahoo strap and I needed to stretch the fabric between the two connection points a bit before the device would stay popped in and attached (the original Wahoo strap had no fabric between the connections so this wasn’t a problem).

I’ve run about six 5km runs wearing it now and the Polar strap seems to be working really well.