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No more Tweets in the timeline

When this current version of was being conceived I was thinking that I would treat it like an online stream of consciousness; photos, videos, words and tweets all streaming into a continuous timeline of posts.

Then I built it, launched it and instantly saw that including Tweets in the timeline was not living up to my expectations. They don’t really make sense amongst the other posts. They take over, bloating the stream and filling it with half conversations and out of context replies to things going on over in the Twitterverse.

Including my full Twitter stream here also made it hard to tweet about things that I was publishing here first. Post some photos. They’re in the stream. Tweet about the post and that is also in the stream. That didn’t feel right.

So, I’ve pulled the tweets from this site. Those that have been streamed already will stay, but no more will be included here. I may bring them back somehow in the future, but for now I’m pulling that part of the stream until I can work out a better way of including them without over powering the rest of the stream and my RSS feed.

If you think you’ll miss the tweets, please do follow along at @cheezepie.