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Look Up In London – a new photo blog

A while ago (read: over two years ago) I had an idea for a photo blog that would feature photos taken around London showing the things that most Londoners miss.

If you spend any time watching people walk and rush around our city’s streets you’ll see one common thing; they all look no higher than eye level. They’re (we’re) all too busy to look up and take in the amazing architecture, detailing and craftsmanship that’s on show all around us.

My photo blog would document some of the sights that most folk miss. Look Up In London was born.

I added a few photos to the site and quietly added a link to it in the “You may also like” section of this very site. Then I got distracted and failed to add to the site or really bother promoting it. Over time and thanks to some upgrade issues with the WordPress installation that I’d used to set the site up, it degraded and stopped working completely.

So last week, in a moment of rare spare time, I decided to revisit the site and get it back on it’s feet.

Point your favourite browser over to to see it for yourself. It’s now a tumblr site, so if that’s your thing feel free to follow along over there or to repost, etc.

I hope that tumblr’s more simple, focused approach to blogging will make it easier to get new photos up on the site and encourage me to do so more frequently.