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Leo’s Fortune – game review

Leo's Fortune screenshotLeo’s Fortune – hyper-realistic graphics

A few days ago I posted the launch trailer for the new iOS game Leo’s Fortune. I was interested in it after seeing many reviews praising its design and visual style.

After posting the trailer I bought it from the App Store and started playing with high hopes.

Unfortunately after a few days of gaming I’m not 100% solid. The visuals are very different from any other iOS game I’ve played, and in some ways they’re very nice. In some ways they’re not. Elements are smooth, hyper realistic and a great testament to what can be achieved with good design and good use of the iPhone hardware (I’ve not played it on my iPad). Elements are a little underdeveloped – Leo’s eyes for example don’t move around as I’d have expected.

I can’t decide whether I like the visual style or not. But, to be fair, that’s a question of personal taste.

Leo's Fortune screenshotLeo’s Fortune – hyper-realistic graphics

The biggest problem I have with the game is the physics. Moving Leo around the screen just doesn’t sit right for me. He glides in unpredictable ways. He accelerates while going up hill. He floats as if weightless sometimes and if weighed at others. The game controls are simple enough, but I find myself dying over and over in the middle of levels not because of new or puzzling challenges, but because I can’t control Leo well enough to make it past a slightly more intricate obstacle than the normal.

I’ll keep playing for a while longer, to see if it grows on me, but so far Leo’s Fortune has not lived up to my expectations.