James McQuarrie

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I run for me

I run for me.

Not to compete with anyone.

Not to be the fastest, the strongest, or the fittest. I run to be as fast, as strong and as fit as I can be.

I’m not looking to beat anyone’s record. Nor win any races. I’m looking to push myself as far as I can go. To run as hard as I can run.

I’m competing with myself.

I run to get better. To keep pushing on when my lungs are screaming stop. To keep going when my legs feel like lead weights.

To push my body further than it wants to go.

To prove to myself that I can go that little bit faster, for that little bit longer.

I run for that moment when I stop and I know I gave it everything.

Some days everything is slower than others. Some days everything hurts more than others. Some days everything is fast and smooth and I feel like I flew the whole way and could do it again. Over and over again.

Those are the days I run for. Those are the days I know I’m getting better. Those are the days when I know I can push that little bit harder next time.

I’m no athlete. I’m not training for any race. I run for me.