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Hitting 10% body fat – The third six weeks starts now

Today is day 1 of week 1 of the next six week workout and diet plan. For this six weeks I’m going to be doing three things differently to the previous two six week stints that I’ve completed so far:

  1. Firstly I’m tweaking my diet slightly to include a daily low fat yoghurt, berry and protein powder smoothie. This will be had after my daily workout to boost my calcium, vitamin and protein intake. Both the yoghurt and the berries go against the slow carb diet, but I’m keen to experiment.
  2. The second change will be to mix cardio and heavy weight days to see if the mix will increase my strength while burning more fat. The plan is to follow a 5 day a week plan that sees me doing a quick weights session followed by a 5km run every Monday and Friday, a heavy chest and legs focussed weights session on a tuesday, a light weights session followed by a sprint session (or touch rugby match) on a wednesday and a heavy arms and core focused weights session on a Thursday. This week will have to be a warm up week as I’m away from Thursday evening so will only three days in this week, which is probably good as it lets me ease back into running after not doing it for over 6 weeks…
  3. The final change is that I’m going to start recording some additional body measurements to remove my over reliance on weight and body fat percentage readings. I will now also measure my biceps, waist, chest and thighs to see what change my plan has on my size and shape as well as composition. I should really have been doing this from the start, but I’d thought that the weight and body fat measurements would be good enough. They’re not.