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Hitting 10% body fat – now with added burn

A few weeks ago I posted an update on my progress stating that I planned to take a week off to rest then crack on with another six weeks of the same workout routine but with the addition of some sprint training on a Wednesday.

The routine had been to do light weights and a 5km run on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and spend Tuesdays and Thursdays sessions doing heavy weights.

I’m now in week two of the current six week period and I’ve not done any of that. Instead over my rest week I decided to try to get more running into the mix and focus on endurance rather than strength in this period.

So, my weekly routine now involves: Mondays and Fridays: doing a set of 200 crunches and 15 pressups followed by a 5km run. Tuesdays and Thursdays: doing a set of 200 crunches and 15 pressups followed by a 5km interval run. Wednesdays: a rest day.

Last week I just ran 5km on the four running nights to get back into running after a week off, so yesterday was my first go at the interval running. Wow. Did that burn.

I did a 1km warn up jog and then did a 250m sprint, 250m jog, 250m sprint, 250m jog over the second and third km. Then jogged the fourth km and repeated the 250m sprint / jog / sprint / jog for the fifth km.

Ideally I’d like to be doing 1km warm up, 3km of 250m sprint / jog intervals and a final 1km of warming down, but last night my lungs were burning so much after the third km that I swapped the fourth and fifth km around.

I’m hoping that tomorrow I can follow the 1-3-1km pattern. I’m not sure if the intervals will improve my overall 5km time (they certainly didn’t last night) but I do think they will improve my sprint times and help reduce my recovery time.