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Hello iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc

If you’re lucky enough to own an Apple iDevice and you enjoy browsing the web on your shiny toy you may be happy to hear that this very site now has its own “small screen compatible” look and feel.

No more straining your eyes or tapping to zoom in and out while trying to read my carefully (!) written words, if you’re visiting on a smaller screen you should now see all my content displayed in a neat, alternative layout that includes slightly bigger text, a bigger logo and icons all sitting in a streamlined, single column view.

It’s a quick little change, so feel free to let me know should you discover any bugs or issues with the new layout. I’d be interested to hear from folk with an iPad as I don’t have one yet to test on…

Oh, and if you’re not an Apple fanboy (why not?) but like to browse on other small screen devices, you should still benefit from the change and be able to experience the condensed version too.