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For Sale: Nintendo DS Lite Black Handheld with extras + 15 games

I’ve finally given up hope of rekindling my love for my post-iPhone-neglected Nintendo DS. So I’m now selling it along with all the accessories and the 15 games I’d collected for it over the years. Hoping to find a new loving home for it all.

If you’d like to own this brilliant little gaming device, have a butchers at my ebay listing for it at:

eBay – Nintendo DS Lite Black Handheld with extras + 15 games

There’s over £300 worth of games alone.

If you win this auction you will get:

  • 1 Black Nintendo DS Lite with original black stylus (with original box, not shown in the photo)
  • 1 Black, padded, zip up 4Gamers case for carrying your DS
  • 1 Nintendo DS charger
  • 1 unbranded plastic (with internal padding) DS games case that holds up to 9 game cartridges in one go AND a spare grey stylus. This case also has space for the spare stylus and a original Nintendo stylus too
  • 2 Black plastic DS game cartridge cases, each of which can hold 2 games at a time (perfect for those short trips)

15 great games:

  • Zelda Phantom Hourglass (classic Nintendo, and worth owning a DS for)
  • Sega Casino
  • Geometry Wars Galaxies (awesome game)
  • New Super Mario Bros. (nothing beats Mario)
  • MicroMachines V4
  • Tetris DS (with 6 different game modes)
  • World Snooker Championship Season 2007-08
  • Yoshi Touch & Go (one of the best DS specific games made)
  • MarioKart DS (best version of the whole MarioKart series)
  • Metriod Prime Pinball (with DS rumble pack)
  • Meteos
  • Metriod Prime Hunters
  • Big Brain Academy
  • Electroplankton
  • Brain Training (original version)

Starting bid is 99p and the auction ends on Saturday (14 May). Good luck if you bid!