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Fitness plan – Week 2 Round 2 – write off

This week just gone was meant to be week 2 of my second round of training and healthy eating in 2013. In the end it didn’t turn out that way.

I made it out for a run on Monday and Tuesday morning’s and I managed a full evening workout on Monday. But by Tuesday evening I was not feeling very well.

I’d had a bit of a cough for a few days, but by the end of Tuesday I felt exhausted, had a headache, blocked nose and a hacking cough.

Wednesday I couldn’t get out of bed. Thursday wasn’t much better. Friday I made it up and out of the flat to go to work. But all three days were a write off in terms of training and eating healthily. In fact I was so out of it for most of that time that I didn’t remember to record what I’d been eating or drinking. I did manage to get to the scales each morning and record my weight and body fat percentages, but they don’t mean much in the absence of the training and careful eating.

I’ve been resting all weekend, watching the rugby and taking it easy. So I’m hoping that I’ll be back up to 100% energy by tomorrow morning (or at least close enough to 100% to be back out and running) for the start of week three of this round.