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Fitness plan – Days 3 and 4 Week 1 Round 2

Yesterday (day 3 of this new training schedule) was a rest and fast day.

No training, and a target of less than 600 calories throughout the day.

In the end I think I went over slightly, but it was reasonably close to the 600 mark. I had:

  • 1 egg, an apple and a mug of green tea for breakfast
  • 1 egg and 3 ryvita for lunch
  • 1 egg in a wrap for dinner
  • through the day I drank 2 pints of tonic water and 1 pint of water with lemon juice.

Fasting felt quite tough yesterday, I was very hungry mid-afternoon. I should have probably had a bit more tea to help subdue the feeling.

Yesterday’s measurements

Weight: 95.7kg down 0.2kg since Tuesday
Body Fat percentage: 16.9% down 0.4% since Tuesday
BMI: 24.4 no change since Tuesday

Day 4 – today

Today was a repeat of Monday. Having done squats on Monday for the first time in a long time my legs have been aching all week. That’s a good thing; they’re being used and stressed in a way they’re not used to, which should mean they’re getting stronger. But it also means the first km or so of my run this morning felt a little tight until they loosened up.

In the end it was an ok run, I did the 5km in 26 minutes and 53 seconds. I’m happy to be coming in under 27 minutes even when I’m not feeling 100% or pushing too hard.

Food today has been good:

  • breakfast was 3 eggs, spinach, salsa, an avocado and a mug of green tea
  • I had 1 protein shake post run
  • I had a black coffee mid morning at a meeting
  • Lunch was a bowl of turkey, veg and bean chilli and a wholemeal pita bread
  • mid afternoon I had a banana, raspberry and skimmed milk smoothie
  • I had a second protein shake post my evening workout
  • dinner was a wrap filled with garlic beans, some mozzarella and some salsa followed by an apple
  • through the day I drank 2 pints of water.

This evening’s workout went well. I did:

  • 10 sets of 100 crunches
  • 10 sets of 10 goblet squats with a 16kg kettle bell
  • 10 sets of press ups – doing 5 sets of 15 and 5 sets of 10.

That routine doesn’t feel as intense as my old Monday / Thursday workout as the squats don’t get my heart racing like the kettle bell swings used to, but by the time I’ve finished all sets my quads are burning like never before.

They’re still burning now as I type and it’s been 3 hours since I finished…

I’ll push the push ups back up to more sets of 15 next week and hopefully get up to 15 reps for all 10 sets again within a week or two.

Today’s measurements

Weight: 93.8kg down 1.9kg since yesterday
Body Fat percentage: 16% down 0.9% since yesterday
BMI: 23.9 down 0.5 since yesterday