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Fitness plan – Days 1 Week 3 Round 2

Today was the start of week 3 of my second six week stint of training and healthy eating. Last week I was ill and didn’t get as much exercise in as I’d planned. I also resorted to eating bread and creamy chicken soup, so not the healthiest eating either.

But, having rested over the weekend, today I was feeling much better and made it out for my run this morning.

Not my fastest (28 minutes 47 seconds) but it was nice to be back out pounding the pavement. Even in the freezing, blustery wind we had in London today.

This evening I decided to take it a little easier in my evening work out and only run through 5 sets of circuits instead of my usual 10. I did:

  • 5 sets of 100 crunches
  • 5 sets of 10 goblet squats with my 20kg kettle bell
  • 5 sets of 15 press ups.

Doing the squats with the 20kg bell for the first time (I’d been using my 16kg bell last Monday and the week before) went ok and didn’t feel like too much of a step up. I’m not sure I’d have been able to complete 10 sets with it, but 5 felt good.

It feels good to be back training again. Hopefully I’ve beaten the cold / flu thing I had and will be back up to full strength training by next week.

Food today was not 100% clean, we went out for lunch at my client’s today to celebrate a birthday in the team and ended up at a Lebanese restaurant where we all share plates of mixed grilled meats, various veg dishes and lots of flat bread with hummus and other dips. It was all very nice, but I probably had too much bread…

Here’s what I had throughout today:

  • breakfast was 3 eggs, spinach, salsa and a mug of green tea
  • post run I had a protein smoothie made with skimmed milk, protein powder, frozen blueberries and a banana (all blended together)
  • lunch was at the Lebanese restaurant
  • post workout I had a protein shake
  • dinner was a salmon fillet, baked sweet potato and a big portion of mixed boiled veg
  • through the day I also had 2 sour sweets that were brought in to work for the birthday celebration. When I say sour, these were the most horrifically, tongue-burningly sour sweets known to man. They came with a warning on their packet suggesting not to eat more than 4 in close succession incase they made your mouth bleed.
  • through the day I drank about 3 pints of water.

Morning measurements

Weight: 93.9kg up 0.1kg since last week
Body Fat percentage: 16.8% up 0.8% since last week
BMI: 24 up 0.1 since last week