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Fitness plan – Day 1 Week 5 Round 2

I’ve not been very good lately at keeping this blog up to date with my Fitness plan progress. The good news (for me at least) is that while I’ve not been writing about it, I’ve still been following the plan.

Last week was a good week. I’m starting to feel quite strong in both my running and my weights sessions. Yesterday morning’s run was the quickest I’ve done this year too: 25:54 the first time I’ve broken the 26 minute mark since I started in Jan.

Since my last post I’ve done a whole week’s worth of training and eating clean. And it’s paying off.

Yesterday’s morning measurements

Weight: 92.4kg
Body Fat percentage: 15.4%
BMI: 23.6

At the end of last week I dropped below 15% body fat for the first time for two days, then the weekend happened… but I’m hoping I can get back down below 15% again over the course of this week.

In the evenings I’ve dropped down to just 5 sets of exercises per night (instead of the 10 sets on a Monday and Thursday that I was doing in my first six week training plan) just because I’m still not getting in from work at a time that lets me fit in 10 sets and dinner… but I think it’s still working, the numbers are still moving the in the same direction and I’m not having to do as much. Win, win.