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Dreaming of frogs

Last night I dreamt about frogs.

Two, luminescent green frogs. Skinny green frogs that were small enough to both fit in the palm of my hand at the same time.

My two frogs were put to use by placing them on a house plant (a cheese plant I believe) that had a bad case of green fly, they roamed the cheese plant and ate the green fly.

Having let them loose on the green fly I pointed out their eagerness to someone else in the room (not sure who, they were faceless). While admiring their eagerness we noticed that the plant was somewhat larger than I’d first been aware of and was in fact home to a wide range of bugs, lava, grubs and flys. All of which the frogs set about eating.

While considering how the plant became so much bigger than initially thought, I noticed that the same plant was actually not in a house at all, but in an office where it’s leaves and branches(?) were intertwined with the computer screens on both my desk and those around me.

I was working in a rainforest. In an office. At my desk. I’d lost my frogs. They’d got carried away eating the grubs and bugs and were now somewhere in the masses of foliage consuming the office.

Just as we set out to find them Radio 4 woke me up.

Strange, but true.