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Dear Sainsbury’s, there’s a snail in my spinach

As many of you will know I like to have spinach and eggs in the morning for breakfast.

A good, high protein, filling breakfast that really sets me up for the day.

I heat a small bit of butter in a frying pan, add a generous portion of spinach and let that wilt down, then add three eggs. Five minutes later I’ve got my breakfast ready.


Yesterday morning the routine went a little differently.

I put the pan on. Added the butter. Waited for it to melt enough to slide around the pan to give it a good covering.

I opened and upended a packet of spinach into the hot butter, gave it a little shake and waited for the wilting.

A minute or so later, I started to stir the spinach around a bit. Then I saw it.

A grey, yellowish, very non-spinach looking thing in my breakfast. A snail. There was a snail in my breakfast. It was bubbling.

Here it is.

Photo of a snail in a pan of cooking spinach