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Dear cyclists of London

Dear cyclists of London,

I applaud your efforts. Riding in and amongst some of the busiest traffic in the country is a brave endeavour.

I salute your commitment to getting in some extra exercise, saving on your transport costs, reducing your carbon footprint, or whichever combination of these noble goals drove you to peddle our streets.

But, FFS get some lights if you intend to ride after it gets dark. One on the front as well as that little flashing red thing you wear on your back. I don’t care if it makes no difference to how well you can see, it makes all the difference to whether we pedestrians can see you coming.


One “I’ve nearly been mown down by one too many of you light-less tw*ts” fellow Londoner.

PS, Here’s a handy link to a whole selection of bike lights that you can buy from Amazon. No excuses. Bike Lights at Amazon