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2013 Fitness plan: Days 6 and 7 Week 5

Saturday – Day 6

Saturday was a rest and a cheat day. Which was good because I still had a sore throat when I woke up. Throat spray, paracetamol and lozenges have been helping to make it more comfortable, but it still wasn’t right.

By the afternoon it was feeling better, but then while watching the Wales vs France rugby match I jumped out of my seat and shouted when Wales scored a try and that made my throat quite sore again…

Cheat day meant I could eat and drink as much of anything all day, and I did:

  • breakfast was 2 slices of wholemeal toast with butter and white chocolate spread, 1 slice with butter and marmite and 2 cups of coffee, one with condensed milk in it
  • mid morning I had 2 cup cakes
  • lunch was 3 Polish sausages in rolls with ketchup, mustard and onion relish – very filling
  • I also tried the new KitKat Chunky flavours, eating half of all 4 – 2 in total – for the record I thought I’d like the hazelnut version the best, but I actually like the original better than all 4 new options
  • while the rugby was on I drank 4 bottles (only 330ml) of beer and had a small portion of crisps
  • dinner was a thin based chicken and chilli pepper pizza
  • in the evening I had a bag of salted popcorn and two large scotches
  • through the day I drank 2 pints of orange juice and tonic water (about half and half).

Morning Measurements

Weight: 95.4kg down 0.8kg since Friday
Body Fat percentage: 16.9% down 0.6% since Friday
BMI: 24.3 down 0.2 since Friday

Saturday – Day 7

Today was a fast and rest day. We slept in this morning, so had a brunch instead of separate breakfast and lunch; sleeping in seems to be a good way of making a fast day a little easier to cope with.

My throat is still bad again today. It feels particularly bad first thing in the morning and then feels ok for a few hours at a time until I suddenly get an uncontrollable urge to cough and that makes it sore again. I’m hoping it’ll be gone by tomorrow morning. I’ll be running either way. Next week is the final week of this experiment, I’m determined to follow the plan fully for the final week.

Today’s fasting food:

  • brunch was 2 boiled eggs, 1 slice of plain wholemeal toast and half a banana with a mug of green tea
  • dinner was 1 boiled egg, 1 apple and a mug of green tea
  • through the day I’ve had 1 pint of water and 1 pint of tonic water.

Morning Measurements

Weight: 96.9kg up 1.5kg since yesterday
Body Fat percentage: 17.2% up 0.3% since yesterday
BMI: 24.7 up 0.4 since yesterday