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2013 Fitness plan: Days 5 6 and 7 Week 6

We’ve had family staying over the weekend so I’ve not had a chance until this evening to update the log for the past three days.

Friday – day 5 week 6

Friday was my final training day of the 6 weeks and I was determined to make the most of it. Friday morning turned out to be a really nice, bright sunny morning – still cold – and perfect for running. I pushed for the first 3 km and then started to struggle in the fourth. By the fifth I got a second wind knowing that it was the final kilometer. I ran my fastest 5km this year with a time of 26 minutes and 29 seconds.

Friday’s food was 100% slow carb accurate, despite going out in the evening:

  • breakfast was 3 eggs, spinach, salsa, an avocado and a mug of green tea
  • I had a protein shake post run
  • lunch was a bowl of veg and chickpea soup
  • I had a second protein shake after my evening workout
  • dinner was a chicken and prune salad and a glass of red wine at a Carluccio’s
  • through the day I had a second mug of green tea and 2 pints of water

My final workout of the six weeks went well too:

  • 3 set of 10 reps (5 each side) with my 20kg bell
  • 2 set of 10 reps (5 each side) with my 28kg bell.

Friday’s morning measurements

Weight: 94.2kg down 0.1kg since Thursday
Body Fat percentage: 16.4% down 0.4% since Thursday
BMI: 24 down 0.1 since Thursday

Saturday – Day 6 Week 6

Saturday was a rest and cheat day.

  • breakfast was 3 slices of wholemeal toast, one with butter, one with butter and jam and one with butter and chocolate spread. And a cup of tea and a glass of milk
  • lunch was out at a place on King’s Road called Big Easy. I had one bottle of beer, a 8oz burger a side of half fries and half onion rings and a side of “mac & cheese” and a couple of glasses of water (about 1.5 pints)
  • in the afternoon I had another cup of tea and a couple of biscuits and a large white chocolate mocha on the way home
  • dinner was 1 slice of wholemeal toast with butter and half a tin of bakes beans followed by a large chocolate chip cookie
  • we were out in the evening and I had 4 bottles of beer while out and half a chocolate chip cookie and 1 pint of water when we got home.

Saturday’s morning measurements

Weight: 93.6kg down 0.6kg since Friday
Body Fat percentage: 16.1% down 0.3% since Friday
BMI: 23.9 down 0.1 since Friday

Today – Day 7 of Week 6

Today is the final day of the 6 weeks of experimentation. I’ve trained and eaten as well as I could over the past six weeks and tomorrow is the official results day.

Today was my final fasting day, and last chance to influence tomorrow’s results…

  • breakfast was a single slice of wholemeal toast with a very small amount of butter and some marmite. And a mug of green tea
  • lunch was half a tin of baked beans, a single small boiled potato and a mug of green tea
  • dinner was 2 slices of wholemeal toast (plain) with 1 fried egg
  • this evening I had 1 pint of tonic water.

This morning’s measurements

Weight: 95.3kg up 1.7kg since yesterday
Body Fat percentage: 15.2% down 0.9% since yesterday
BMI: 24.3 up 0.4 since yesterday

I’m excited to see what tomorrow morning’s readings will be and to be able to crunch the numbers and see how / if my experiment has worked.