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2013 Fitness plan: Days 5 6 and 7 Week 4

I went back to Wales over the weekend to watch the rugby, catch up with some mates and celebrate (belatedly) a friend’s birthday. Hence the radio silence for the past few days.

Friday – Day 5 Week 4

Friday went well, I made it out for my run in the morning and made sure I did my evening workout a bit earlier before catching my train to Swansea in the evening.

The run wasn’t especially fast, but I still managed to finish the 5km in 27 minutes and 31 seconds, which was a little faster than the previous day.

My evening workout also went well:

  • 5 sets of 10 (5 on each side) clean and presses with the 20kg kettle-bell

I’ve been focusing on my form while doing those after my muscle pull a few weeks ago, and it’s going well.

Food on Friday was good too, I even packed a dinner for the train so I wouldn’t be temped to indulged in snacks from the station shops:

  • breakfast was 3 eggs, spinach, salsa and a mug of green tea
  • I had 1 protein shake post run
  • Lunch was a bowl of golden veg soup and a tin of mackerel fillets in mustard sauce
  • I had a second protein shake post workout
  • Dinner (on the train) was a portion of roasted veg with a little bit of sausage, a portion of refried beans and 4 slices of roast beef (from a packet)
  • Through the day I had 3 pints of water.

The train up to Swansea was over full, so full in fact that I think we left some people behind in Paddington as they couldn’t fit on the train. I was left standing in a doorway for over 2 hours from London to Cardiff, where most people got off and I finally got a seat. While it probably was a good thing from a “standing is better for you than sitting” point of view, I can’t understand why First Great Western don’t realise that when there is an international match on in Cardiff over a weekend ALL their trains will be busy and they need to put on extra carriages.

Morning Measurements

Weight: 96.7kg down 0.3kg since the day before
Body Fat percentage: 17.9% no change since the day before
BMI: 24.7 no change since the day before

Saturday – Day 6 Week 4

Saturday was cheat day, and a rest day. I’d stayed Friday night with my friend Dave and the plan for the morning was to meet up with another friend in Swansea for a big breakfast and then head over to Cardiff to watch the rugby at another friend’s house and go out in town later than evening.

Mates, rugby, beer, food. It was always going to be a pretty full on cheat day…

  • breakfast was a “Jumbo Breakfast” at the Uplands Diner which consisted of: 3 rashes of bacon, 2 sausages, 2 eggs, beans, chips, 1 slice of buttered toast, 1 slice of buttered bread and a cup of tea
  • for the road trip I had a chocolate milk drink and a cherry bakewell tart
  • watching the first match I had 4 slices of pizza and a portion of potato wedges and 1 pint of water and 2 pints of squash
  • watching the second match I had 2 bottles of beer
  • before we went out we had a very nice homemade shepherds pie
  • then while we were out I drank 3 pints of beer and 5 vodka and cokes – some of which were doubles and two pints of water
  • when we got in I had 2 slices of bread and butter.

Quite an intake.

As I was away I couldn’t take my morning measurements for Saturday.

Sunday – Day 7 Week 4

Although I was knackered Sunday morning, I was surprisingly clear headed. I think because we’d eaten so much through the day and then spread our drinking out evenly through the evening and I’d drank so much water / squash through the day, the hangover held off.

I stuck to Sunday being a fast day, despite the very tempting offer of sausage sandwiches for breakfast and the Man vs. Food marathon we watched first thing while trying to pluck up the energy to head home…

Through the day I ate:

  • 2 slices of toast with margarine
  • 1 boiled egg
  • 1 apple
  • 1 large black coffee
  • 3 pints of water
  • 1 mug of green tea

Again the train back to London from Cardiff was over full, and 40 minutes late, so I had to stand the whole 2 and a bit hours home.

I don’t have any morning measurements for Sunday either.