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2013 Fitness plan: Day 4 Week 4

This morning I was, again, feeling rather tired as soon as I woke up. Must. Get. More. Sleep.

I still made it out for my run, but after the past week of having a few aches and pains, I thought I’d take it easy. I’ve decided that I’ll only push for a good time when I’m feeling up to it, which means that some mornings will be slow. But, as long as I’m finishing the 5km 4 times a week I’ll be happy and chugging along.

I finished the run in 27 minutes 58 seconds which actually isn’t that much slower (32 seconds) than Tuesday’s run so wasn’t too bad.

It was almost sunny this morning, but really, really blustery. I can run in the rain, the snow, the ice, even the heat but running when it’s windy is horrible. One moment I feel like I’m cruising along at a reasonable pace the next I’m barely moving as a blast of wind smacks me in the face and pushes me backwards.

Tomorrow it’s meant to be windy and raining, so stay tuned for more complaining!

Today’s eating has been 90% good, but I did cave in and cheat a little this evening:

  • breakfast was 3 eggs, spinach, salsa, 1 avocado and a mug of green tea
  • I had 1 protein shake post run
  • I had 1 cup of black coffee mid morning
  • lunch was a bowl of golden veg soup
  • I had a second mug of green tea with a dash of lemon mid afternoon
  • I had 1 protein shake post evening workout
  • dinner was 1 baked cod fillet, 1 portion of garlic beans and 1 portion of mixed roast veg. But there was a sausage in the veg today…
  • I also had 3 pints of water through the day.

We were given some Polish sausage this week, 1kg of them, by a friend. They needed using up, so 1 was sliced up and added to this evening’s roasted veg. To be fair though, I only had two small pieces in my portion of the veg (I cooked 4 portions of the veg for this evening and tomorrow’s dinner), so while it wasn’t 100% ideal, I didn’t have too much.

Adding the sausage certainly made the flat smell nice as dinner cooked, and the added garlic, meaty, salty flavour in the veg was good.

I’m hoping the small amount I had won’t effect things too much.

This evening I did my usual Thursday workout:

  • 10 sets of 100 crunches
  • 10 sets of 20 kettle-bell swings with the 28kg bell
  • 10 sets of press ups doing 15 reps for the first 5 sets (less than last time) and 10 reps per set for the remaining 5 sets.

I took it a little easier on the press ups today, again, because of the aches and pains I’ve had this last week. I’ll push back up to more sets of 15 on Monday.

Morning Measurements

Weight: 97kg down 1.3kg since yesterday
Body Fat percentage: 17.9% up 0.4% since yesterday
BMI: 24.7 down 0.4 since last yesterday