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2013 Fitness plan: Day 4 Week 3

This morning’s run was freezing. I’d thought, looking out of the window, that the snow had gone, but it turns out that in the park there was still quite a bit on the ground. Not enough to clog up my Nike trainers thankfully, but enough to make a few bits of the run icy enough to be slippy. Despite that I’m back to finishing the 5km in just under 29 minutes, which still isn’t all that fast, but is faster than the 31 min 37 seconds that it took me on Tuesday.

I always forget how long it takes to build up running speed once I stop training for a while. Building up strength for weight sessions doesn’t take anywhere near as long…

Food today has been 100% slow carb. I’ve had:

  • 3 eggs, spinach, 1 avocado and a mug of green tea for breakfast
  • 1 protein shake post run
  • 1 bowl of turkey and veg curry (no rice or bread, just the curry)
  • 1 protein shake post workout
  • 1 bowl of quorn and veg stir fry for dinner
  • 3 pints of water through the day
  • 2 cups of black coffee.

First thing this morning I wasn’t looking forward to my evening workout, but after my run I felt more awake and more enthusiastic about the prospect weights in the evening. In the end it was a good session, I’m really starting to feel stronger. I did:

  • 10 sets of 100 crunches
  • 10 sets of 20 kettle-bell swings with the 28kg bell
  • 10 sets of press ups doing 15 reps for the first 6 sets (one more than Monday) and 10 reps per set for the remaining 4 sets.

I’m going to push until I can do the full 10 sets of pressups at 15 reps per set. Then aim for 20…

Morning Measurements

Weight: 98.7kg down 1.2kg since yesterday
Body Fat percentage: 17.6% down 0.3% since yesterday
BMI: 25.2 down 0.3 since yesterday