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2013 Fitness plan: Day 3 Week 6

Today was a rest and fast day, so there’s not a lot to report.

I didn’t run this morning or workout this evening, but I did have to pop out after lunch and ended up walking a good few miles in total. That doesn’t really count as exercise in my book, but every little helps…

Fasting meant that today’s food was limited:

  • breakfast was 1 egg, 1 apple and a mug of green tea
  • lunch was 1 egg, 1 apple and a mug of green tea
  • mid-afternoon I had a mug of black tea with a dash of almond milk in it
  • dinner was 1 egg, 1 apple and a mug of green tea

I’m looking forward to a big plate of eggs and spinach for breakfast tomorrow, but I’ve noticed that over the past few weeks I’ve grown to be less and less hungry on fasting days. At the start it took a lot of conscious effort to not eat outside of the daily plan. Today I barely noticed.

I should point out that when I say I’ve been drinking “mugs” of green tea, I’ve been drinking Sports Direct mugs, which are huge. I don’t know if that helps stop the hunger?

Morning Measurements

Weight: 95.1kg down 0.3kg since yesterday
Body Fat percentage: 16.7% down 0.7% since yesterday
BMI: 24.2 down 0.1 since yesterday