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2013 Fitness plan: Day 3 Week 1

Today was my first fasting day. And a rest day. No training and only about 600 calories consumed all day.

I’m still aching from the running and weights that I did yesterday and on Monday, but in a good “I’ve been using my muscles” kind of way.

Sticking to the fasting wasn’t too difficult; I didn’t think about food or feel hungry as much as I feared I might.

I stuck to the plan food wise and had:

  • breakfast of 1 egg and 1 apple and a mug of green tea
  • lunch of 1 egg and 1 apple
  • dinner of 1 egg and 1 apple

I also had a second mug of green tea in the afternoon and a mug of Bullion power made into a drink along with three pints of water with lemon juice and one pint of tonic water after dinner.

I’m looking forward to eating more tomorrow. And I’m looking forward to my run too.

Morning Measurements

Weight: 102.3kg – down 0.5kg from yesterday
Body Fat percentage: 19.3% – down 0.8% from yesterday
BMI: 26.1 – down 0.1 from yesterday