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2013 Fitness plan: Day 2 Week 4

Last night I didn’t get as much sleep as I’d have liked. I think, for me at least, the hardest part of this getting fit and healthy lark is the getting enough sleep bit. Everyone always focuses on the eating and exercising bits, but getting enough sleep is just as important. I must work harder on getting my 8 hours a night…

Anyway, despite the lack of sleep I made it out for my run this morning. I didn’t do too badly; 5km in 27 minutes 26 seconds. Not as fast as yesterday, but still under 28 minutes is an improvement on the last few weeks, so I’m not too worried it was a little slower.

I’m getting to that point in the schedule where my body is showing the signs of wear. By the end of today’s run my left ankle (which I’ve had problems with since I badly sprained it as a teenager, several times) was feeling a bit tight. My neck is feeling better after Friday’s pull, but it’s still a little tender and this evening my back has started to feel a little tighter than normal too.

All the training is taking it’s toll. But, I’m determined to push through. Tomorrow is a rest day, so I’ll make sure I stretch and take things easy to give my body a chance to recover. Hopefully the little niggles will be gone by Thursday and I’ll be fighting fit and ready to go.

Eating today has been on plan:

  • 3 eggs, spinach, salsa and a mug of green tea for breakfast
  • 1 protein shake post run
  • 1 bowl of golden veg soup (homemade: onion, butternut squash, carrots, parsnips, stock all boiled and blitzed together)
  • 1 tin of mackerel in mustard sauce mid afternoon (the soup was protein free, so the fish makes up for it…)
  • 1 protein shake post evening workout
  • dinner was 1 cod fillet, baked. A portion of roasted veg and a portion of garlic (borlotti) beans
  • 1 apple as a snack this evening
  • through the day I had 3 pints of water.

I’m really enjoying the garlic beans, such an easy thing to make (takes about 5-10 minutes) and so tasty.

This evening’s workout was the first clean and press workout I’ve done since last Friday when I pulled the muscle in my neck doing the same exercise. I was a little nervous it could make things worse, but I gave it a go and stuck to using just the lighter 20kg bell (it was while using my 28kg bell I pulled the muscle) and concentrated on my form throughout. I managed the full 5 sets of 10 reps as planned, and had no issues with my neck. I’m going to stick to just using the 20kg bell again on Friday (my next clean and press session) and if that goes equally well, I’ll cautiously move back up to one or two sets with the 28kg bell again next week. I prefer to lift smaller and regularly rather than trying to lift too big too soon and having to miss some sessions because of injury.

Morning Measurements

Weight: 98.8kg down 0.7kg since yesterday
Body Fat percentage: 18.1% down 0.1% since yesterday
BMI: 25.2 down 0.2 since last yesterday